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Your audiological and hearing health is as important to us as it is to you, and that is why Rancho Santa Fe Audiology is committed to the best possible treatment plan for your hearing problem, your lifestyle and your pocket.

The good news today is that nearly all cases of hearing loss can be treated. Only about 14% of individuals may require medical or surgical intervention.  A good majority of people who have hearing loss can benefit from FDA approved hearing device technology and amplification.

Not everyone is a candidate for hearing aids so it’s important for patients to have their condition professionally diagnosed in order to learn what solutions and options are available to them.

Based on a patient’s audiological evaluation, our hearing doctors will prescribe a personalized treatment plan and provide the support and guidance to achieve positive hearing healthcare outcomes.

If you are a candidate for hearing aids we offer an extensive range of hearing devices from all major hearing instrument manufacturers, ensuring our patients have a wide choice in both selection and price.

You are a unique individual and so is your hearing problem. With vast choices in FDA approved hearing aids it is essential to remember that ONE size does NOT fit all. Advertisements offering a quick fix or off-the-shelf bargains may not solve your problem, but instead leave you out of pocket with a badly fitted hearing aid and an unresolved hearing issue.

Our hearing tests are painless and hassle-free

Our Approach, Our Commitment And What You Can Expect

Our hearing tests are painless and hassle free. Our hearing doctors will expertly assess and accurately diagnose your hearing problem.

We will not only analyze your hearing problem, but equally important we will assess your lifestyle covering your listening situations and goals so that we can properly recommend the right hearing device for you.

Along with professionally prescribing your treatment we will also help you to find the right style, shape, size, color, circuitry, and level of sound processing that you need.

Once fitted with hearing aids, we will monitor your progress.  We will also show you how to care for you hearing aids to ensure that you receive the most optimal benefits that your hearing device can ultimately deliver.

Rancho Santa Fe Audiology’s after care service is second to none. By attending regular check-ups you can stay on top of receiving the very best hearing experience outcomes from your hearing device. When needed we will re-test your hearing and adjust amplification. We can also review the warranty on your device and repair or reprogram your hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Please fill in the hearing aid repair form and send it to us.

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